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When are drivers not eligible for a DUI hardship license?

Some suspensions ( not always for DUI or Refusal to Submit ), revocations and cancellations are no eligible for a business or employment purposes hardship drivers license. Here are a few situations that make you ineligible for a drivers license:

    • Second and subsequent DUI Refusal to Submit to Chemical test - See Florida Statute 322.271 (2)(a)
    • DUI with Serious Bodily Injury and two or more prior DUI convictions - See Florida Statute 322.271 (2)(a)
    • DUI conviction with a Five (5) or Ten (10) year revocation - See Florida Statute 322.271 (2)(a)
    • Driving with Unlawful Blood Alcohol Level with two DUI convictions and/or two prior Refusals - See Florida Statute 322.271 (2)(a)
    • Possession of Some Controlled Substances (Felony) - See Florida Statute 322.27 (6)
    • Fail to Pay Fines, Fail to Appear (D6 suspensions by Court or Clerk) See Florida Statute
    • Financial Responsibility Suspensions (Uninsured Crash Loss) See Florida Statute

Not Eligible For Hardship Restricted Florida Drivers License

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