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Should "On Duty" DUI Squad Member Be Drunk?

Local DUI Officer Allegedly Drunk and Disorderly at MADD Award Contest

Local DUI Officer Drunk at MADD Award Contest

One of Tampa Bay's own DUI squad members showed up drunk while on duty at a MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving conference in Fort Lauderdale this summer. The Gulfport, Florida Police Chief, Robert Vincent, told a source that he bumped into a drunk DUI detective in the hallway of the Pier 66 Hotel. The Police Chief reported he was coming out of his hotel room and that's when the Chief tried to stop the top cop from entering the awards banquet. The Chief says the DUI officer was so drunk that he tried to stop the DUI award-winner from entering the MADD awards banquet. The allegedly impaired man in blue disagreed with the Chief's evaluation of the cop's sobriety. That is when the Chief went to a supervisor and suggested that supervisor intervene. The supervisor called the DUI champion out and then the inebriate became disrespectful and was forced to leave the banquet by his own Pinellas County, Florida Sheriff's Office supervisor.

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DUI Officer Allegedly drunk at MADD Awards

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