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Was Rowdy, Drunk, On Duty, Police Officer Fired?

Local DUI Officer Drunk at MADD Award Contest

As our office has repeatedly reported, DUI officers receive awards for their roles in allegedly keeping the drunks off the roads. One of the "winners" was a Tampa Bay Area DUI squad member. While at the DUI Awards holiday for a couple of days, a local Police Chief, who was also at the conference noticed the cop was drunk. When called out for his rowdy behavior the award-winning cop told the Police Chief "I don't work for you and I don't have to answer to you . . . ." According the Sheriff of one of Florida's largest counties in Tampa Bay, "he's a good detective who made a mistake . . . there was a lapse in judgment he gets it ." Was the cop fired? No.

See Videos Of Video - Drunk and Disorderly at DUI Conference - Promoted to detective - #Allegedly

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DUI Officer Allegedly runk at MADD Awards

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