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Will Pinellas Deputies Learn From This Example?

Local DUI Officer Drunk at MADD Award Contest

For allegations of misconduct by cops the punishment ranges between a letter of reprimand and/or a maximum of 3 days suspension. One would think that Pinellas deputies should learn the hard way that a Mothers Against Drunk Driving convention is not the place nor the time to break out the booze. Especially since this Sheriff says he is serious about cracking down on drunk drivers - if one of his own deputies gets a DUI, they're fired. A lawyer and former President of MADD thinks "the sheriff did the right thing for someone in law enforcement position to be drinking at a MADD convention definitely sent the wrong message."

See Videos Of Video - Drunk and Disorderly at DUI Conference - Promoted to detective - #Allegedly

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DUI Officer Allegedly runk at MADD Awards

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