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How to remove a hardship restriction from a Florida Driver's License?

DUI Hardship Restrictions automatically expire after a suspension or revocation period is over. Assuming a driver has a valid issued Florida Driver's license, including the plastic license card, a driver can drive with full privileges and may not be required to get a new plastic drivers license.

Please be careful. Driving in violation of your restriction results in an extended suspension on the driving record. It may get the driver arrested, put in jail, require a mandatory court appearance, and cause an additional suspension. If busted, your old license shows an old expiration date but the hardship restriction will not automatically be lifted until the new expiration date (due to the violation of restriction) has passed.

To get a new license issued without the restriction noted on the front of a driver's plastic license, there are several required pieces of identification to establish identity under the Real ID law. Under the Real ID Act, the driver must produce Identification (ID) in the form of: United States Birth Certificate, Proof of any name change(s), United States passport, INS documents, Social Security Card and 2 documents to prove address. There may be an exception, if the applicant already has a Real ID Act / Law compliant Florida Driver's License.

Remove Hardship Restriction From License

Review Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Forms to get back on the road legally.

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