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Who can get a hardship license (business purposes only or Employment Purposes Only) in Tampa Bay?

Florida Statutes 322.271 (1)(c)2 refers to the hardship license or DUI restricted license as a "driving privilege restricted to business purposes only."

Once a drivers license is suspended for DUI, having a breath result over .o8, or for refusing to submit to a chemical test, there may be an opportunity to seek a hardship license. This must be initiated by a hearing at the Bureau of Administrative Reviews (BAR) Office. A hardship license is not issued automatically and the driver and their attorney must work together to get this handled. In short, once a proper request and all the supporting paperwork is submitted to the Bureau of Administrative Reviews (BAR), a Hearing Officer will review the driver's needs to obtain a hardship license. There is no guarantee, since the hearing officer, who is kind of like a Judge, may or may not grant the request. Sometimes they may rule a license is not necessary or the driver may be ineligible. The Clerk of Court and the Driver's License issuing offices generally do not advise on issues of eligibility for a hardship license. We advise you to contact your lawyer or the Bureau of Administrative Reviews (BAR) for input on eligibility.

Eligible For Hardship Restricted FL License

Review Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Forms For Hardship License.

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