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How can I get my driver's license back?

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DUI Tampa Attorney, Casey Ebsary can guide you through the process. If the suspension of your driver's license is properly challenged and the hearing is won, you get your full driving privilege. Sometimes, a driver can challenge the suspension and get a restricted business license that is good for 42 days while the challenge to the suspension is in progress. However, if you lose the hearing, there will be a hard suspension during which you cannot drive under any circumstances. If the driver has no prior DUI charges and is "otherwise eligible", then the driver can waive any challenge of the license suspension and obtain a restricted driver's license that can be used for business purposes only.

Read more about reinstatement of driver's license after a DUI conviction. Here are the exact Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle DUI and Administrative License Suspension Laws

Review Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Forms to get back on the road legally.

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