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Have you heard a Pinellas County Cop Described As Drunk, Disorderly, and Disrespectful?

Local DUI Officer Drunk at MADD Award Contest

Drunk, disorderly, and disrespectful are the words used to describe a Pinellas County, Florida DUI detective at a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) conference. An investigation of a DUI squad by Tampa reporters Peter Bernard and Mark Douglas uncovered this upsetting incident. The DUI cop went to a statewide conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida to get an award - instead the media found a memorandum that "spells out how he got drunk and lashed out at a Bay Area police chief for trying to warn him" not to be wild and impaired at the seminar. According to a published report the cop showed up at "that MADD conference in Fort Lauderdale ready to party like he was on a college spring break."

Was Rowdy, Drunk, On Duty, Police Officer Fired?

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DUI Officer Allegedly runk at MADD Awards

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