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Where is the Evidence Driving with a Positive Test for Cannabis Causes Increases in Crashes?

NHTSA'S Office of Behavioral Safety Research

While numerous scientific studies have linked the dangers of driving, crashes, and alcohol, the science on proving impairment, testing drivers, and the impact of driving under the influence of marijuana or cannabis is simply not available. "To the best of my knowledge, nobody has undertaken the experiments necessary to correlate blood or breath concentration levels with impairment,'' said Dr. Rick Yost, a University of Florida researcher who is helping develop a marijuana breath test. "We've certainly never conducted tests at this university because it's been illegal." The federal authorities have tried to link crashes and marijuana impairment. Their report goes on for 11 pages and cites numerous sources and have stated, "The methods have included experimental studies, observational studies, and epidemiological studies. While useful in identifying how marijuana affects the performance of driving tasks, experimental and observational studies do not lend themselves to predicting real world crash risk."


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