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What is Probation for Driving Under the Influence (DUI)?

In some DUI situations the court orders the offender to serve probation. Probation is a specific period of time that is served under community supervision. The court will order a term of probation that is the same or shorter than the maximum sentence that could have been imposed. You must follow all of the conditions that were ordered by the court. Usually you will be required to visit your assigned probation officer once each month. While on probation, you may be required to pay the cost of:

  • Court Costs (filing fees, charges for serving summons and subpoenas, court reporter charges for depositions, court transcripts, and copying papers and exhibits) fines,
  • Public Service,
  • Random Urinalysis Drug Testing,
  • Restitution,
  • Supervision to the State of Florida, and
  • Treatment (of various types)
  • If you fail to comply with any of the conditions that were ordered by the court, you may be found in Violation of Probation. Many probationers test positive during their Random Urinalysis Drug Testing. To read more about Violation of Probation (VOP) caused by a dirty urine.

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