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Is One Day Without Pay And A Letter of Apology An Appropriate Reprimand?

Local DUI Officer Drunk at MADD Award Contest

The Sheriff in charge of disciplining misconduct told one reporter he had a hard time believing a detective would show up at a MADD conference drunk. The sheriff also noted it was "the most ridiculous thing I've heard of it when I first heard about it help my reaction isn't that why you got to be kidding me really it's shocking behavior." According to the General Orders here in Pinellas County Sheriff's Office the punishment could have ranged anywhere from a reprimand to three days without pay. The Sheriff imposed one day without pay, a letter of apology.The drunk cop's punishment was 1 day suspension and a letter of apology to the Police Chief.

See Videos Of Video - Drunk and Disorderly at DUI Conference - Promoted to detective - #Allegedly

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DUI Officer Allegedly runk at MADD Awards

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