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What Does An Expert Say About Testing DUI Drivers For Marijuana?

Dr. Stefan Rose, M.D. University Medical and Forensic Consultants, Inc.

There is an expert in Florida who can tell us what the state of science in testing subjects for cannabis impairment. He is Dr. Stefan Rose, M.D. The doctor focuses on issues in Laboratory Medicine, Forensic Toxicology and Psychiatry. His practice with University Medical and Forensic Consultants, Inc. is located in lovely Palm City, FL neat Stuart.

In a phone interview, it became clear that the doctor will take issue with testing currently used by police to establish marijuana and cannabis impairment. The doctor cites the Government's own studies for the proposition that using drug tests for proving impairment and causation in crashes involving weed will be a tough case.

The doctor points to two portions of the NHTSA report. First the doctor noted:
"Romano study found no increased risk of crash involvement for those drivers testing positive for THC (the main psychoactive substance in marijuana). However, current limitations in the FARS data set do not allow calculation of unbiased, reliable and valid estimates of the risk of crash involvement that results from drug use."

The trained physician then quoted conclusions from NHTSA's own Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS): "experimental studies, observational studies, and epidemiological studies. While useful in identifying how marijuana affects the performance of driving tasks, experimental and observational studies do not lend themselves to predicting real world crash risk."


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